Monday, January 11, 2010

Fear Ensues: The Era of Juniper

Mother was never the kind of being to ever let something so mystical frighten her...but this did. She felt new. She felt danger. She felt.

It kind of bothered Mother, that after all this time, there WAS an ocean in Colorado. No one had believed her when she brought up the subject.


When Mother arrived on the sandy shores of Colorado, she found something that she did not take kindly to. A crab. The crab did not bite her, did not seek out to harm her. It even said "heLLoOoo, this may seem cRaZy but...are you the Mother?"
And Mother bit his head off.

It did not take long before Mother had realized this was a test, a test from the Crab Czar. He had brought Mother here...what a fool she felt like....

She started yelling, crabmeat sewn between her teeth, "I. AM. MOTHER. SHOW YOURSELF and cease with this petty nonsense, Juniper."

Juniper was the Crab Czar. He was born on a farm. There were werewolfs there.

At this very moment Mother is sleeping, dreaming of September 14th, 223 B.C. when the event occured. I, Brotther, am channeling her dreams as I usually do, and Juniper sits to my left recalling the dialogue.


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