Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Four: The Age of Trust

After waking from her open-eyed glory sleep, Mother awoke to realize that her new sense of sight had distracted her from her journey. After completely ignoring the instructions to wait at the bottom of the ocean for the whale, and destroying one of Junipers' disciples by tearing his head off, Mother discovered a new emotion that had not once touched her in her nineteen years of restless, guilt-ridden debauchery: sadness.

Mother had murdered. Her eyes began to glaze over--not with tears--but with YeLLoW, which she would later realize while doing a self portrait, never left her.
Mother felt like she would never love again, and then realized,
She had never loved at all. Not even once.

It was only after this realization that Mother was given her first boyfriend.
Yes, he was given to her.

In an intricately-sewn plot to force Mother back on the journey she had so savagely strayed away from, Czar Juniper sent another accomplice to persuade her--one that she could not destroy with her canines, which were made of elephant ivory harvested in the Elephant Ivory Harvesting Incident of 220 B.C.

Mother, trying to see through the YeLLoW sadness, ran at 44 km per hour into what she thought was a tree. "Tree" turned out to be "Shmovreck," who turned out to be just Mothers' type.

Shmovreck cradled Mother's broken and highly unstable body with its matted fur. Crying, she sounded like a Songhua River Mammoth (as Mother had not yet reached the Age of Language).

And so, ironically, the Age of Trust began.


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