Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Mother was new to the planet...new to the mountains, streams, canyons, and fields of flowing flower beds. But what Mother was not new to was the scent and feel of her own werewolf body.

Shortly after Mother was born unto Earth during the latter part of the Paleolithic era, something strange yet rewarding started to happen to her...Born into darkness...she started to see.

Before this "sense of sight" era, Mother was accustomed to feeling the Earth and all her precious nature children with her front and back paws. Never before did Mother understand that there was more to God's glorious love-infested Earth than just touch, and sometimes if she was lucky, sound. Now, a new passion was exploding all across the land: SiGhT.

Mother's sight started out slowly one midmorning, just after breakfast, which she had found caked in her matted fur. Suddenly, she was blinded by a streaming yet glorious light facing her body. What was this? Mother thought she had died. But by singing her favorite Beach Boys song for 3 choruses, she decided that, no she was, in fact, not dead.

This was the moment Mother realized she had eyes: beautiful, beautiful eyes. One was blue with a mist of tangerine flanking it, the other was lazy but just as glorious. All these years Mother had just never opened her eyes...Oh the bountiful beauty she had been missing out on...

By process of elimination, Mother realized that what she had eaten for breakfast was actually mud, which gave her no nutritional value, and so set out with her new set of open-eyes to hunt the "laughy tickler" creature which she was accustomed to hearing each night...which she found out was actually a warm creature with wings, a beak, and talons...the creatures which would land on her in the night and peck at her face. Today, we know these creatures as "blue jays." Mother would come to know these creatures as "dinner."

LIFE!!! THIS IS CALLED LIFE!!! Thought Mother.

And she never closed her eyes again.
Not even to sleep.

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