Friday, January 8, 2010

Day One, Rainbow Gathering, Colorado

The mystery begins here. It is 223 B.C., Mother sits gently atop a moss covered boulder in the center of a Rainbow Gathering in the deep woods of Colorado.

What we know now is this: Mother is a fantastical and omniscient woman, who in her journeys, discovered the fountain of youth while frolicking in a horse stable at the delicate age of nineteen.

In Colorado, twenty years later and with the lasting touch of youth, Mother finds herself immersed in activities such as heel clicking and face painting. Her most important memory is when she smoked a wild fern, and saw standing in front of her the silhouette of God.

Now, atop the boulder, Mother has one thought. She pulls out the scroll from her makeshift dress pocket where she found her first clue. It reads, "Sit atop the boulder. Wait for my voice. It will give the first instruction after you hear the first horn blow."

Ten minutes later, a horn blows. Mother waits.

Jump into the ocean, sit at the bottom until you can't hold your breath any longer. Seventeen minutes later, a whale will arrive and you will hold onto his fin until he transports you to the oxygen hole where you will find your next instruction..

Mother began the long and arduous walk towards the ocean, from the center of Colorado.


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