Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Final and Sincere First Day of Tambourine Playing ft. Zoe

Let us take a break from time traveling con el Britney Spears and try to understand how magically and forcefully a little friend named Zoe came to be in Mothers' life.
Czar Juniper ordered Mama at 64:00 hours to walk 55 paces to the Northwest where she'd find the mess of what came to be a hot aIR bLoOn which was made of and shaped as cactus simultaneously filled in the basket with pure cactus needles.
she cried, she smelled her armpits, forced Shmovrek to smell them as well, and checked her wrist watch which was playing a constant live-stream video of Hit Me Baby One More Time.
She climbed into the basket which instantly lifted only a mere one foot off the ground and forced its way through trees and homes alike to carry mother and lift her twelve more inches above every McDonalds they passed and let out two plus two cactus needles each time into the fry-e-lator. Mom landed, landed in the swirlpool of oil where some fur was burnt off but not all. A sharp bark rang out and the perfect and guilded princess Zoe of the Smiledude climbed out of the Window and into Mothers' hair where she removed her from the swirlpool of oil and taught her a lifetime of virtue.
M O m instantly bonded with the smiledog and knew that if ever her hot air balloon was to trap her in a death march again she would be forgiven and able to yell these words until she reached safety: "CURL YOUR HAIR. whip your snare DRUM and wrap your fur around something we can all believe in."

Thanks to for an inspirational demon writing night

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  1. wow an inspiration shout out to the queen! all hail thee!